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Leading Online Businesses to Long-Term Success

Propel your online business toward success with help from in Columbia, South Carolina. We provide courses and recommendations that are right for you and your venture. Whether you want to rise above the competition or just manage your company efficiently, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

The Story of Our Founder

Hi everybody! Steve Sweeney here—all the way from Thailand!

First of all, the reason I am here in Thailand (from South Carolina—go Panthers!) is because I was in desperate need of a ‘restart’.

You see, my life had basically imploded, and I was no good to anyone, and quite frankly, I wanted to quit.

Now here’s the crazy part about the statement I just made about ‘wanting to quit’.

I, the frickn' Amazing Steve Sweeney’, who has helped so many thousands (over the past 35 years as a therapist),

was absolutely ‘stuck in quicksand’.

The irony is that I’m a Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist, Group Therapist, and Life Coach, which basically means

I help people think things through and look at life ‘rationally’.

I help my clients change the way they think by teaching them that it’s not ‘the thing or event’ that happens which

makes them feel like crap—it’s the way they "THINK’"about the thing or event that took place, thus the term "cognitive".

(Bring it home Sween) So the way I was "thinking" about my nasty divorce,

is what had me so angry, bitter, resentful, and full of hatred.

Straight up - I tried to get over it for over 16 years — and I'm sorry,

but it's not as easy as we "therapists" make it sound.

...But wait! I'm SuperHero Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist Man.

I must change my "thinking’ or "beliefs" about what happened,

which in turn will change my "FEELINGS’ about the entire situation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help the person who desires to start an online business the opportunity to do so without being overwhelmed by a very steep and expensive learning curve. We've done much of that for you already - so you don't have to pull your hair out - that's why I'm bald - I've already done it for you haha.


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